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Orange County Boundary Disputes Lawyer | Image from airplane of a real estate parcel outlined in yellowBoundary disputes between neighbors can be highly emotional – and can minimize your ‘right of enjoyment’ of your home. If you have attempted to resolve your boundary disputes with your neighbor, but have not been successful, your only recourse may be to bring a boundary disputes lawyer — a 3rd party — to attempt to negotiate a non-litigation solution.

Boundary Disputes Attorney, Edwin Fahlen, is experienced in negotiating and defending boundary disputes, lot line dispute, fence disputes, illegal use of your property, trespass, encroachment of buildings, out buildings, patios and other property rights violations. Edwin can reach out to your neighbor on your behalf to resolve boundary disputes amicably. Should your neighbor remain non-responsive attorney Fahlen can take legal action on your behalf.

Are you being sued or threatened with legal action? Similarly, if your neighbor has threatened or started legal action against you, Mr. Fahlen can represent and defend you. Real estate law and boundary disputes are complex. Edwin Fahlen has more than 30-years’ experience in resolving real estate matters including boundary matters.

Easements, Restraining Orders and Injunctions

Other remedies in boundary dispute cases may involve easements – or the equitable balancing of rights. Orange County real estate attorney, Edwin Fahlen, can also represent clients in temporary restraining orders and injunctions relating to boundary disputes. In boundary disputes, it is important for the property owner to obtain a property line survey. We can assist you in finding a licensed land surveyor, if necessary.

Encroachments, Tree Issues, Walls and Fence Disputes

Image of a Land SurveyorBoundary issues can also relate to encroachments, tree disputes, and the location of walls and fences.

Real estate disputes, including a boundary disputes, require an experienced and solutions-oriented lawyer who has the requisite knowledge to advance your goals and protect your interests, all while keeping an eye on cost. Edwin Fahlen is often hired to handle:

  • Fences straying from boundary lines onto adjoining property
  • Encroaching driveways, patios, and overhangs
  • Impacts on other property owners’ land
  • Builders or homeowners building too close or encroaching beyond property lines
  • Overgrown trees and landscaping spread
  • Neighbors using adjoining property owners’ land or right of way

Creative, Practical Resolution of Boundary Disputes

Attorney Fahlen’s has extensive legal and real-world experience and seeks quick, effective and practical resolutions in boundary disputes cases to minimize trouble, neighbor relations, and financial costs.

Edwin Fahlen is sensitive to the costs of litigation and before ‘going there’ aims for quick, cost-effective, resolution to your boundary disputes matter That said, should trial be unavoidable, Mr. Fahlen is prepared to aggressively protect his clients’ rights in court.

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Orange County Real Estate Lawyer | Image of attorney Edwin FahlenI encourage you call be for a free phone consultation by calling (714) 395-5605. If you are unable to call me, contact me with my Schedule a FREE Consultation form below. Besides being a real estate attorney, I am also a licensed California Real Estate Broker.

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