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Real Estate Agreements - Image of contract and a man's hand holding penReal estate agreements attorney, Edwin Fahlen, has 30+ years’ experience as BOTH a real estate attorney AND a licensed California Real Estate Broker. Every day since 1987, Edwin has been reviewing, drafting or counseling Orange County residents and business owners about their real estate agreements and contracts including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements (draft, review, and negotiate)
  • Acquisition or disposition agreements
  • Ownership agreements for ‘Joint Tenants,’ ‘Tenants in Common,’ ‘unmarried couples’
  • Ownership agreement for buying real estate with friend/s
  • Joint venture agreements for real estate investors & “house flipping”
  • Real estate sales and purchase agreements
  • Commercial, office, & industrial lease agreements (L/T)
  • Multi-Unit residential lease agreements for landlords
  • Option agreements, lease option agreements,
  • Buy-out agreements

Real Estate Agreements Need Lawyer Oversight

Real estate agreements including purchase/sale of a home represent one the largest financial investments in most people’s life. Whether a residential home or a commercial property, Orange County CA real estate is some of the most expensive real estate on planet earth!

It is foolish mistake to enter into real estate agreements without a real estate attorney’s counsel. Keep in mind real estate brokers and licensed real estate agents CANNOT offer their clients any legal advice on the myriad of questions that most people will have for most the average real estate purchase, sale, or how to best hold title.

In California real estate, virtually every transaction involves a contract of some form. No matter how simple or complex you might think your real estate agreements, please remember it is a LEGAL CONTRACT and must contain all essential terms, stated clearly so you can avoid costly contract disputes in the future.

Real estate Purchases and Sales

Real estate purchases and sales need expert legal oversight. Edwin counsel’s buyers and sellers of residential, commercial and industrial properties. In every real estate transaction there will be pitfalls. Edwin’s three decades experience as a real estate attorney AND a licensed real estate broker can help you in negotiations with your agent and broker. Moreover, Edwin can review your purchase and sales agreement, prepare your offer, counter offers, draft your escrow instructions, and counsel you in title, title insurance, inspections and due diligence. For that matter, Real Estate Broker Edwin Fahlen can be your broker and save you tens of thousands of dollars if you are selling your home and already have a buyer lined-up.

FSBO – For Sale By Owner – Save on Commission

Save $30 – $90,000 or More – Sell Home Yourself!

Sell your home using a Real Estate Lawyer/Broker and save $30,000 – $90,000 or more. As a 30+ year real estate attorney who has cleaned up many messy real estate transactions after they were started. Why not start with a real estate attorney and avoid the messes in the first place? Real estate attorney/broker Edwin Fahlen can save you tens of thousands of dollars by helping you sell your home. In addition to being a real estate lawyer, Edwin is ALSO a licensed real estate broker, for 30+ years! Edwin can replace the traditional real estate sales person (and sales person’s broker) and save you $30,000 – $90,000 or more as Edwin’s transactional fees are nowhere close to a typical over-priced real estate commission.

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Real Estate Lawsuits and Litigation

We can also help with real estate disputes and real estate litigation. If you are facing a real estate lawsuits or litigation, Edwin Fahlen can help you.

Real Estate Dispute - Image of two men verbally fightingWhen an issue arises regarding your real estate in California, Edwin Fahlen has the experience of being BOTH a real estate attorney and a licensed real estate Broker with the DRE for more than 30-years. That vast experience enables attorney Fahlen to achieve the best possible outcome in your real estate matter while simultaneously offering his clients affordable legal fees.

Edwin Fahlen serves a broad spectrum of clients experiencing real estate disputes including: buyers and sellers, investors, property management companies, commercial property owners, commercial landlords, commercial retail, office, industrial tenants, real estate sales agents and real estate brokers.

The types of real estate disputes we handle include:

Commercial Leases: Review, Negotiate & Draft

We assist both commercial landlords and commercial tenants in reviewing, drafting and negotiating: commercial leases, office leases and industrial leases.

Image of a fountain pen and a signatureCommercial Lease review for retail, office and industrial tenants. If you are a first-time lessor of a commercial, office, industrial or contractor “shop space,” you might be making assumptions that tenants are well protected in California. That assumption is true for residential tenants –BUT– commercial tenants are ‘on their own…’ The state of California, like most states, figures that commercial tenants are a seasoned, responsible, business owners. They expect business owners have an attorney on call, or at least “know” that as business professionals, they should have an attorney assist them with their lease.

Commercial tenants have NO SPECIAL ‘consumer rights’ as do residential tenants. The LEASE –the contract — is everything. If you stupidly agree a landlord-favoring contract that is harmful, that’s your problem: often for 3, 5 or 10 LONG years! If there are words, sentences, and paragraphs in that lease favoring the landlord and you sign it, THAT IS WHAT YOU legally and contractually AGREED TO.

Commercial Leases are NOT a Standard Form

Commercial lease agreements are often long, complex documents with lots of fine print. Some might think they look like a “standard Office Depot Form,” but don’t be fooled! Most are carefully drafted by the landlords’ attorney(s), and refined over many years, always to THE BENEFIT of the landlord’s interests – NOT yours!

Many first-time lessees of commercial, office, industrial, and contractor shop space have the unfortunate misunderstanding that the lease agreement presented to them for signature is CAST IN CONRETE. Sign it or go find another space… Nonsense! In commercial leasing, the lease presented to the potential tenant is understood in the commercial leasing world as just a “starting point”. Commercial landlords hope you will just stupidly sign it AS IS — BUT they fully expect savvy business people to have their attorney read it first, mark it up, and make routine changes. It is up to YOU to make sure your interests are protected.

If, for example, you are leasing space for a sandwich shop, you would be EXPECTED to make sure that another sandwich shop CANNOT lease space in the same complex. That seems obvious when you read it here, but many new commercial tenants foolishly end up bankrupt for overlooking the inclusion of such a simple non-compete clause. An experienced commercial lease attorney will also make sure you won’t be paying for incorrect square foot calculations, overpaying for common areas, or paying significantly MORE for common areas and other pricy stuff (think parking lot repaving) should other tenants move out. Many agreements divide the common area costs to the current tenants. What if 6 of 8 tenants were to leave? Most agreements would then SPLIT the entire complexes common areas to the 2 remaining tenants. After all, you might have agreed to that! Many of our frustrated new clients call after they learn these horrifying lessons.

Commercial Landlord Tenant Issues.

Commercial Landlord Tenant Issues. Edwin Fahlen represents both landlords and tenants involved in commercial, office, and industrial leases. Sometimes we will assist residential income property landlords review or draft their leases, it is generally NOT cost-effective for residential tenants to hire a real estate attorney for most landlord/tenant matters.

Attorney Fahlen also handles partition action lawsuits, specific performance, quiet title, easement, and lis pendens filings, non-disclosure, and fraud.

Orange County real estate lawyer Edwin Fahlen, has been providing legal and competent guidance in California real estate agreements including purchase and sales agreements, offers, counter offers, disclosure documents, escrow instructions, co-owner and tenant-in-common ownership agreements.

Serving Orange County for More than 30 Years!

For more than 30 years, Orange County real estate lawyer Edwin Fahlen has successfully represented individuals and businesses in a variety of real estate matters! Attorney Fahlen gives every client’s unique real estate matter his focused, personal, expert attention. Moreover, attorney Fahlen offers affordable rates while protecting client ownership and leasing rights.


Image of attorney Edwin Fahlen, EsqI offer every potential client a free phone consultation. Moreover, if we determine an in-office meeting is beneficial that too is free of charge so both of us can determine if we are a good fit. Between the phone call and an initial sit-down meeting, this is your opportunity to decide if you wish to retain me to address your real estate matter.

Contact me personally at (714) 395-5605. I attempt to answer the phone personally 24/7. I understand that a real estate opportunity or a real estate crisis might be weighing heavily on your mind, therefore, I try to be available. My Fountain Valley office is centrally located to most all Orange County residents and is easily accessible via our fantastic Orange County freeway system.

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